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Final of the work on Polish version of the CORE-OM

We are close to finish the work on completion of the Polish version of a brilliant psychotherapy change measure – the CORE-OM.

By this, our exciting collaboration on this subject with our UK and Austrian colleagues is nearing completion.

The British psychotherapy change measure, the CORE-OM has been translated into Polish by working team from the Polish Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy, led by Professor Chris Evans from Nottingham University and the CORE System Trust.

Professor Evans is a psychiatrist, medical psychotherapist, group analyst and systemic therapist, a co-author of the CORE-OM and trustee of the CORE System Trust which holds the copyright on the CORE measures.

The CORE-OM questionnaire has been published in 2002 in the UK. Postulated to be practical, user-friendly, easy to calculate by hand, easily accessible by „copy-left” and of high psychometric quality. And so it is. Not only is it a good tool, using a language understood by persons at each level of education, it is the only such method accessible for the Polish clinicists for free. In context of high costs of legal and validated tests this feature cannot be overvalued.

It is copyleft, that is to say it cannot be changed in any way, including translation, without permission from the CORE System Trust (see CORE_Copyright.html) but it can be reproduced on paper without any charges provided that it is not changed. More detail is available from Professor Evans and no translation should start without him agreeing and approving the process.

More information about the CORE measures, and the software support system, CORE-Net, which we hope will be translated and become available in Polish, can be found at

The Polish Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy is interested in working with other services in Poland or which see Polish clients elsewhere to build a collective database of anonymised CORE data. To this end, we are creating the web site dedicated to projects to increase the use of the CORE measures in Polish. For more information about collaboration contact the Institute Management:

The CORE Information Management Systems has been used in many studies (see and has been translated, under administration of Professor Evans, into 25 languages, including German, French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Albanian, Slovak, Croatian, Hindi, Urdu, Swedish. We are proud to have led the work that has added Polish to this list.

The work on the Polish CORE-OM is nearing completion by Milena Karlińska-Nehrebecka for her PhD from the Sigmund Freud Universitat in Vienna where her supervisors are Don Pokorny and Omar Gelo. It will give the Polish psychotherapists, psychologists, medicine doctors and other clinicians measuring psychotherapy change access without any charges to reliable, accepted by patients measure.

If you wish to find out about other translations of the CORE measures or to work on creating a translation which has not been done or started yet, contact Professor Evans through:

Polski Instytut Psychoterapii Integratywnej MKN (PIPI)
ul. Pod Skałą 9, 30-237 Kraków, tel. 797-414-938, (12) 420 06 03

Instytut Psychoterapii MetaSystemowej (IPM)
ul. Pocieszka 6, 31-408 Kraków,
tel. 884 802 222